Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jennifer Laude's German Boyfriend Marc Sueselbeck Violated Philippine Law - AFP

German Marc Sueselbeck, boyfriend of murdered Filipino transgender Jennifer Laude, might be in trouble for climbing the fence of a military facility on Wednesday.

Jennifer Laude and Marc Sueselbeck
According to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Sueselbeck violated the Presidential Decree No. 1227, or the law Punishing Unlawful Entry into Any Military Base in the Philippines when he climbed the perimeter fence of the MDB-SEB facility in Camp Aguinaldo where murder suspect US Marine Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton is detained.

The AFP said it will submit a letter to the German Embassy and the Bureau of Immigration regarding the German national's misbehavior, claiming Sueselbeck also assaulted the on-duty Filipino soldier guarding the holding facility by forcefully shoving him.

"We also like to ascertain through the German Embassy the true identity and pertinent background information about Mr Sueselbeck whose misbehavior caught the attention of Philippine authorities," it said. "It is understood that any foreign nationals who visit the Philippines shall follow Philippine laws. The AFP will deal with the incident accordingly through proper channels."

Jennifer's sister, Marilou, first climbed the fence and Sueselbeck followed after she made her way in. They said they were protesting the "special treatment" accorded Pemberton. FULL STORY...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cyclops Lamb Born In Ilocos Norte

A man in Badoc, Ilocos Norte got ecstatic when he won five sheep from a raffle recently. He became more delighted after finding out that two of them were actually pregnant.

Cyclops lamb (Youtube screengrab)
But the surprise did not stop there for Nestor Aganon, who didn't have any experience on raising sheep before winning the raffle. A few months later, one of the ewes gave birth to a lamb with an unusually huge eye in the middle of its face, leaving Aganon speechless.

The farmer is now hoping that the cyclops lamb will bring him more luck. Aganon said he has no plans of selling his new-found lucky charm.

According to experts, genetic problems or toxins cause such birth defect in animals medically referred to as cyclopia, which occurs when the brain doesn't divide into two lobes early in the pregnancy.

Check out below a video of a one-eyed lamb born earlier this year in Turkey.

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